Media Tool Kits and Resources

Media Tool Kits and Resources

Getting ready for a media interview? Whether you are an expert, new to your field or someone who just wants to share a personal story, it’s always important to prepare for media interviews.

The media kits below will help you polish your skills and give you the tools you need to help you develop confidence and conviction with interviews.

In these resources below you can find information on:

  • “Dos” and “dont’s” of media interviews
  • How to stay on topic
  • Tips on delivering memorable messages

Take the time to prepare and collect questions that you believe you’ll be asked as well as those you hope not face. The efforts you dedicate before your interview will help ensure a successful and smooth interview. Good luck!

Talking Points provided by CIC Talking Points for Media Spokespersons
Media Training Resources provided by MOMS, Mission Possible, National Meningitis Association  Overview
Interview Quick Tips
ECBT – Webinar 1: How to Use the Media to Communicate Vaccine Messages: A Training Workshop for Vaccine Advocates – September 27, 2011 Webinar 
The National Congress of American Indians has published a communications toolkit. titled “Effective Tools for Communications and Leadership in Indian Country Communication tools for Indian country