2013 Summit Presentations

California Immunization Coalition Summit – 2013 Presentations
CIC Summit 2013


Sunday Workshop: Vaccine Hesitancy: Building Solutions for California and Beyond Kris Calvin, MA, American Academy of Pediatrics – California District
Ginny Heller, MSW, Immunization Action Coalition of Washington State
Catherine Flores-Martin, California Immunization Coalition
Workshop Handouts
Keynote Plenary Session: Improving Immunization Access and Delivery in the Era of the ACA Litjen (L.J.) Tan, PhD, Immunization Action Coalition
Plenary Session: Targeting the Root Causes of Health Inequity Anthony Iton, MD, JD, MPH, Healthy Communities at The California Endowment
Plenary Session: Turning Data Into Ta-Da! Peggy Toy, MA, Center for Policy and Research, UCLA
A-1: Vaccine Update: ACIP and New Vaccines Mark Sawyer, MD
Litjen (L.J.) Tan, PhD
A-2: Innovative Provider Partnerships to Increase Flu Vaccine Coverage Jennifer Chiprich, MPH, PhD
Lance Salazar, PharmD
A-3: Data, Sources, Savings and Solutions Oliver Brooks, MD
Molly Hubbard, MS
John McLaughlin, PhD, MSPH
A-4: Developing Community Based Solutions Diane Gaspard, RD
Binh Nhung Tran, PharmD, MS, MBA
B-1: Reach More, Teach More: Online Training to Improve Immunization Practice Maria Luz Alvarez, LVN
Jennifer Sterling
B-2: Community Collaboration for Improving Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates Phoua Moua, BA
J. Carlos Velazquez, MA
B-3: Making Waves: Advocating for Immunizations Andrew Resignato, MS
Michelle T. Parra, PhD
B-4: Maximizing Immunization Registry Benefits Nancy Knickerbocker
Lizz Romo, RD
Plenary: Healthcare Reform Update: What the ACA Means for California Shana Alex Lavarreda, PhD, MPP, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research