State of the ImmUnion

Every Child By Two (ECBT) has just shared a special report on the State of Our Nation’s “ImmUnion” with members of congress to highlight the power of vaccines and suggest areas of action to fortify the health of our nation.  While our medical community has the ability to protect Americans of all ages from deadly infectious diseases, public health workers continue to battle disease outbreaks across the nation that threaten the health and wellbeing of our citizens.  Many Americans continue to lack access to life-saving vaccines that can protect themselves, their families and their communities from preventable diseases, while others fail to realize that vaccines are available to protect them from many different life-threatening diseases.

This comprehensive 2017 State of the ImmUnion Report highlights the successes of vaccines, the economic and societal savings incurred from vaccines, challenges facing the public health system, and key areas we must focus on to achieve optimal protection for all Americans.

The California Immunization Coalition joins Every Child By Two in the hope that this report will not only help congressional leaders learn more about the vaccination rates in their home states, but that it will also help public health advocates in prioritizing the benefits of immunizations in the years ahead. Over the next couple of weeks, CIC will be sharing additional state and local information that can help you tell your story about the positive impact that vaccines have made on our communities. We will also be sharing graphics that you can use on your social media sites when you share this report.

The report includes details on the:

  • Immense success of vaccines in preventing illness and saving lives;
  • Economic and societal savings as a result of high vaccination rates;
  • Challenges facing the public health system that threaten our country’s progress in combatting vaccine preventable diseases among all age groups;
  • Key areas of focus for legislators to help ensure optimal protection against these devastating diseases and;
  • Links to educational and vaccine policy resources from partner organizations.

Please click here to view the State of the ImmUnion report.  We hope the report will be a useful tool to you as you work to make our ImmUnion stronger and more resilient in the face of emerging health threats and thank you for helping us to disseminate the messages contained within over the coming months as state and federal legislators continue to address vaccine budget and policy issues.