What We Do – Promote CA Immunization Registry

The California Immunization Coalition has been a long-standing champion of immunization registries, electronic tracking and vaccine management systems. Most providers and many hospital systems, school districts and WIC centers also use immunization registries to help ensure accurate immunization delivery and record keeping.

Watch for important updates to the Registry, our promotion of new features and how you can get involved!


Registry FAQs – updated June 2017

CAIR 2 Glossary

CIC works in partnership with the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) to:

  • Collaborate with registry stakeholders to develop strategies for working with Health Plans/HMO’s and provider groups to encourage registry participation.
  • Advocate for policy changes that will expand registry participation in California.
  • Support efforts to achieve financial sustainability of the statewide registry.

For information about your local immunization registry, go to Find My Registry at the CAIR website or call the CAIR hotline (510) 620-3747.

Registry Resources

For Providers:

CAIR Benefits for VFC Providers – download flyer, Provider Recruitment Video CAIR  Provider Information Packet Inserts– Technical Requirements, Sample Forms and Reports, Security and Privacy Information, etc.

ARRA incentives for EMR usage

For Health Plans:

Policy Brief for Health Plans

Template article – California Immunization Registry Gives a Boost to P4P  developed by the CIC Registry Committee this newsletter article may be customized by California health plans to inform providers about how the California Immunization Registry can help them meet the Pay For Performance indicator for use of technology.

Article on Health Plan Use of Immunization Information Systems for Quality Measurement

For Schools:

CAIR Helps Schools and Childcare

American Association of School Administrators and ECBT joint endorsement of registries letter dated Nov. 14, 2008

CDC Resources


How to Get Involved

Health care providers that administer vaccines to people of all ages can join CAIR and promote its use to their colleagues.

Health staff of public school districts, private and charter schools as well as institutions of higher learning can also join the registry in order to document and track immunizations needed for school entry.

Child care providers can join the registry since they also must check immunization records for state entry requirements.

Representatives of parent advocacy and professional health care associations in California can participate on the CIC Registry Workgroup to assist in outreach and promotion of CAIR.

Join or find out more about the CIC Registry Committee.

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