It's Safe to Come In

These images are free to use. Feel free to customize and share via social media platforms, websites, patient portals, emails and other ways to reach your audiences/patients. We also encourage posting pictures from your own clinic and community.  See social media calendar if you would like to share your messages during the same period with other partners across California.   

Social Media Messages

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Sample message 1 (Spanish below)

It’s safe to come in for an appointment. Doctors are taking extra steps to protect you and your family during your visit, such as separating sick and well patients.
#DontWaitVaccinate #ItsSafeToComeIn

Sample message 2 (Spanish below)

Your medical team is making it safe to come in. They are ready to protect you and your family against dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases! #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 3 (Spanish Below)

Does it feel like it’s been a while since you’ve visited the doctor for your children’s well-child visit? You’re not alone. Many families are concerned about staying safe during #COVID19. But don’t worry! Doctors and clinics are taking extra precautions to make sure you and your family remain safe during your visit. Call your doctor to schedule your visit and stay up to date with lead tests, vaccinations, and more! #ItsSafeToComeIn #CallYourDoctor

Sample message 4

We understand you may feel a little uneasy about coming into the doctor’s office these days. Know that your healthcare team has taken extra steps to keep patients safe during visits. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 5

Doctor, nurses, and staff are here for you, taking extra precautions to help keep your family safe during checkups! Call your doctor to see what immunizations your child needs and make an appointment today! #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 6

Doctors, nurses, and staff are making it safe to come in. They are ready to protect patients against dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases! #DontWaitVaccinate

Spanish Social Media Messages

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Sample message 1

Asistir a una cita es seguro. Los médicos toman medidas para protegerlo/a a usted y a su familia durante su consulta, como separar a los pacientes que van por un control de los que se acercan para consultar por una enfermedad. #NoEspereAVacunarse

Sample message 3

¿Se siente como si hubiera pasado un tiempo desde que visitó al médico para sus hijos? No estás solo. Muchas familias están preocupadas por mantenerse seguras durante #COVID19. ¡Pero no se preocupe! Los médicos y las clínicas están tomando precauciones adicionales para asegurarse de que usted y su familia permanezcan seguros durante su visita. ¡Llame a su médico para programar su visita y mantenerse al día con las pruebas de plomo en la sangre, las vacunas y más! #EsSeguroEntrar #LlameaSuMédico

Sample message 2

Su equipo médico hace que su visita sea segura. Están preparados para protegerlo/a a usted y a su familia de enfermedades peligrosas que pueden prevenirse con vacunas. #NoEspereAVacunarse