These images are free to use. Feel free to customize and share via social media platforms, websites, patient portals, emails and other ways to reach your audiences/patients. We also encourage posting pictures from your own clinic and community.  See social media calendar if you would like to share your messages during the same period with other partners across California.   

Social Media Messages

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Sample message 1 (Spanish below)

You don’t have time to get sick. Vaccines can help you stay healthy, so you can focus on what is important. If you don’t have health insurance, ask your doctor about options for vaccine coverage.

Sample message 2

It is likely that both COVID-19 and flu will circulate this fall and winter. Getting vaccinated is even more important for people who are at higher risk of developing serious complications from flu and COVID-19. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 5

The more people go out in public and return to life before the pandemic, the more important it is to get a flu shot to protect yourself and your family. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 3

You need vaccines throughout your entire life! Check out this tool to find out what shots you might need as an adult:

Sample message 4

Adults need vaccines, too! Don’t leave your doctor’s office without making sure you’ve gotten all the shots you need. #DontWaitVaccinate #TalktoyourDoctor

Spanish Social Media Messages

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Sample message 1

Usted no tiene tiempo de enfermarse. Las vacunas le ayudan a que esté sano/a, para que pueda concentrarse en lo que es importante. Si no tiene un seguro médico, pregunte a su médico sobre las opciones para obtener cobertura de vacunas. #NoEspereAVacunarse

Messaging Ideal For Facebook

Sample message 1

Preventive health care services are still important during a pandemic! Adults with COPD, heart disease and diabetes are at higher risk for serious health problems. We’re open and ready to safely provide well-care, sick-care, shots, screenings and more. Schedule an appointment and learn about precautions we’re taking to protect patients.

Sample message 2

At [practice name], our first priority is your health—always.  You might feel nervous about coming in for well-care and other important health issues. Contact us to learn about how we are keeping patients safe during visits. 

Sample message 3

At [practice name], we’re here for you!  We’re offering adult preventive care services appointments by phone, in person or virtually. Shots aren’t just for kids.   It’s important for adults too, especially if you have an ongoing medical condition. Schedule your appointment and learn about how we’re keeping our clinic safe.