Advocate - Educate - Vaccinate

A Healthier Future Is In Sight 2020.

We are pleased to announce this year’s CIC Summit will be held in Sacramento June 8*-10. To learn more and to register please visit the Summit page.

Speak Up for immunizations and public health! Join the Coalition and our partners to ensure strong policies to protect community health and funding to support public health initiatives.  Learn more here.

In order to help spread awareness, we are launching an important campaign called “FluDropped.” It uses the AirDrop feature on an iPhone to spread the message about the flu vaccination in the same way the flu is spread: through the air and by proximity. 

You can help by joining us in spreading this “epidemic” of awareness. You can download the FluDropped image and pass it forward to remind your friends, family and co-workers that flu season is here. Learn more here.

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