Education Hour

CIC’s Education committee works to produce 3 Education Hours a year. If you have a topic or suggestion email us at

Back To The Vax

Webinar coming March 13, 2024

For more information on Back To The Vax visit their website here:

Featured Speakers:

Heather Simpson,
Previously Viral Antivax Mother

Lydia Greene,
Nursing Student

Community Health Care Workers 101: Making a Difference in Public Health


  • Provide the definition of what a Community Health Worker (CHW) is. 
  • An overview of what Community Health Workers do.
  • Provide examples of work CHW’s are doing in communities across California.
  • How organizations can partner with CHW’s across the state

Aired: February 13, 2024

Featured Speakers:

Lucia González , CHW
Board Member, California Association of Community Health Workers

Maria Lemus
Executive Director, Visión y Compromiso 

Brandon Silva, MPH
Work Force Development Manager,
United American Indian Involvement INC.

Darouny Somsanith, MPH, CHW
Board Member, California Association of Community Health Workers

Moderated by: Meg Dorsey, RN, BSN, PHNII Project

Featured Speakers:
Tammy Pilisuk, MPH
Health Educator,
California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch
Aired: April 27, 2022
Featured Speakers:
Nicholas Rupp, MCMP, LEHS
Communications & PR manager,

Salt Lake County, Utah, Health Department

Moderated by: Catherine Flores,
Executive Director CIC

CAIR Registry Updates

Aired: March 16, 2022
Featured Speakers:
Michael Powell, MSc

Chief, Registry and Assessment Section​
Immunization Branch​ Division of Communicable Disease​ Center for Infectious Diseases​ California Department of Public Health

Moderated by: Meg Dorsey, RN, BSN, PHNII, Immunization Coordinator, Placer County