Vaccinate California provides an indispensable parent advocacy voice for immunizations in California. In the wake of the measles outbreak of 2014, a small group of dedicated parents, led by Leah Russin, Hannah Henry and Renee DiResta (among the many involved parents) founded Vaccinate California, the parent voice for immunizations, to push for better public health measures in California.

Working with a broad coalition of established groups, they were instrumental in securing enactment of SB277, which ensures that all children who are medically able, are vaccinated before attending school. They continue to work to raise immunization rates in California so schools and communities are protected from preventable diseases.

In addition to their strong advocacy work, Vaccinate California participates in coordination and dissemination of information and strategies regarding immunizations in collaboration with the California Immunization Coalition and public health within local county level and statewide groups within California as well as national organizations working on the same issues.

We are proud to know and work with this dynamic, engaged and dedicated group of parent advocates.