California Immunization Registry

The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure, confidential, web-based database that stores the immunization records of children and adults. Immunization registries help medical practices and other health care providers keep patients of all ages up-to-date on vaccinations by avoiding under-immunization or over-immunization and assists health care providers and health departments by collecting data on the immunization status of the community. All 50 states have immunization registries.

Medical practices and other authorized users can access the registry by signing a confidentiality agreement and having their users trained. Staff are trained either in person or through live on line trainings and then assigned passwords to access the registry. These authorized users can then look up immunization data on their patients and update information as shots are administered. The Registry is authorized by HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE – HSC DIVISION 105. COMMUNICABLE DISEASE PREVENTION AND CONTROL [120100 – 122477] PART 2. IMMUNIZATIONS [120325 – 120480] .

For specific information about your county or region in California, contact your local health department’s Immunization Program. 
On a national level, the American Immunization Registry Association has links to work accomplished in the United States along with technical data.