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Immunizations are not just for children!

CIC is dedicated to achieving and maintaining full immunization protection for all Californians.  From birth through the senior years, immunizations will play an important role in your health, the health of your family and the health of your community.

This section provides resources and accurate information on adult immunizations.

  • Find current recommendations for immunizations for adults and seniors, including travel immunizations.
  • See what’s in the news about influenza and other adult and senior immunizations
  • Find information about adult immunization coalitions across the U.S. and what they are doing
  • Link to nationally recommended resources, including selected websites, for more information and for access to materials and educational programs developed to promote adult/senior immunizations

To review current recommendations on immunizations for adults

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Immunization Schedule
National Coalition for Adult Immunizations
Immunization Action Coalition

Information on current travel recommendations is available from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

And the World Health Organization’s International Travel and Health website

A Pathway to Leadership for Adult Immunization: Recommendations of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee

For up-to-date information and reports on current research on adult immunization issues, and specific information on influenza surveillance and activity:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Immunization Action Coalition’s IAC EXPRESS
and Vaccinate Adults! Newsletter

Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) information on Medicare, Medicaid and other programs

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists’ immunization information especially for senior citizens

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

To look at educational materials focusing on adult immunizations, including up-to-date materials for promoting flu shots:

Immunization Action Coalition’s Directory of Immunization Resources

For California-specific information and materials on adult immunization

California Department of Health Services Immunization Branch

To take a look at what other coalitions are doing in the adult arena
Immunization Action Coalition has a database of immunization coalitions from throughout the U.S.

Directory of Immunization Resources contains adult and influenza materials Immunization Action Coalition

Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) of San Diego County’s Immunize San Diego campaign offers influenza disease and vaccine facts, public health recommendations, quizzes, and updates

A nice tool-kit assembled by our coalition partners in Palm Beach, Florida

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