Preparing For School Located COVID-19 Vaccination Events

Vaccination events organized at local schools are an ideal way to reach thousands of students. Schools are conveniently located, accessible and are a familiar and trusted environment for students and their families. School located vaccination events offer a convenient option for parents to have their students receive needed vaccinations without having to arrange for a healthcare provider visit or take off time from work. 

This toolkit for organizing a School Located Vaccination Event (SLVE) can be used to support the communication and planning for the administration of all vaccinations in a school setting, however the current focus is on the administration of COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations in order to ensure that we can get as many eligible students vaccinated as soon as possible this school year. This site will be updated regularly as new information on COVID-19 vaccination recommendations becomes available.

This Main Page is full of  general resources.  To go to the full Toolkit click the ‘View the Toolkit’ button below. We welcome your feedback and ideas and look forward to working with you. 

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Communicating With Parents / Guardians and School Community About COVID-19 Vaccine

It is reasonable and expected for parents, students and school staff to have questions about vaccines and the vaccination process. Being prepared with a strong communication plan right from the start is essential.  The buttons immediately below will lead to sample handouts, letters and other communications to help parents learn more about the vaccine and assist them with making the decision to vaccinate their student. Some materials are ready to print, others are customizable for your school and/or school district. 

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Projects and Resources In Support of School Located Vaccine Events

Specific Concerns: In depth answers from vaccine experts

General Information and Frequently Asked Questions