School Located Vaccination Event (SLVE) Toolkit

The California Immunization Coalition in partnership with the California Department of Public Health Immunization Branch encourages school districts to work with their local health jurisdictions to coordinate and administer School Located Vaccination Events (SLVE) to provide another option for protecting students and staff from preventable diseases like COVID-19 and influenza.

This toolkit emphasizes the importance of the students medical home and includes linkages to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) and other strategies for connecting students vaccination information to their permanent record and their routine healthcare provider.

Options For Coordinating a Vaccination Event

    • Schools with the capacity can enroll as a vaccine provider. In this model, the school would be responsible for receiving and storing vaccine, vaccinating students and recording vaccinations. 
    • Schools may partner with their local health department. 
    • Schools may partner with an outside vaccine provider – such as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), local or chain pharmacy, or mobile vaccinator vendor – who would be responsible for vaccine management and vaccinating students.  
    • In situations where a school partners with another organization to provide and administer vaccines,  the school would primarily responsible for providing on campus location logistics, and promotion of the vaccination event. 
Table of Contents: Sample Materials
Table of Contents: Planning Considerations

Considerations for Organizing SLVE

During the initial planning process, your considerations should include: 

  • Facilities and Space
  • Physical  Accessibility
  • Access to electricity, water, restrooms
  • Safety/ security of location
  • Timing of event(s) (determine whether events will be held during school hours or after hours/ weekends (evening and weekend clinics may be easier for parents to attend)
      • Consider multiple days to accommodate two-dose schedule
      • Amount of time needed for planning
  • Adequate parking
  • Language accommodations
  • Vaccine delivery and storage*
  • Acquisition of supplies*
  • Technology – equipment and wireless access*
  • Security – cooperative effort between onsite and district security and local law enforcement

Communication - Sample Materials

In planning your event you will have a variety of audiences to prepare for and communicate with about the event. See below for sample letters, announcements, templates and social media considerations/ recommendations. Use the Table of Contents above or scroll through to view resources.

Note: Template documents / sample materials included here can be customized and tailored to fit the needs of your event. 

Promotional Fliers

Consent Forms

Template Letters

Template Checklists

** These checklists are a guide to assist you in planning a vaccination event. If a school partners with a local organization or engages with a contractor to provide vaccine, the SLVE Team will want to coordinate activities and checklists.  The school team should refer to the partner checklist as a reference for planning the SLVE.

Creating a Vaccination Team

Gathering a team to plan, coordinate and implement a successful school located vaccine event is essential.  During the past year and half, numerous partnerships have been developed within our communities to administer millions of COVID-19 vaccination doses to adults and students 12 years and up and we encourage you to consider utilizing these new and existing partnerships for support, resources and volunteers to coordinate your SLVE. 

This ToolKit features suggested checklists, sample forms, templates, customizable communication materials, and messaging for a variety of audiences. But it all starts with a team of professionals and volunteers to get things organized – right from the start.  

Members of the vaccination team may include:

  • School Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Principal and/or Vice Principal
  • ESL Coordinator
  • Sports Coaches
  • Parent Leaders / Parent Teacher Organization
  • Auxiliary school personnel:  teaching assistants, paraprofessional educators, office staff, counselors, school nutrition staff, custodians, and security staff. 

Other Considerations

Developing a Memorandum of Understanding - Working With Community Partners 
California Immunization Registry  (CAIR)

The California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents.

V-Safe and Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Get vaccinated. Get your smartphone. Get started with v-safe.

V-safe is an easy-to-use smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins for anyone who has received a COVID-19 vaccine. Parents and caregivers can sign their students up for v-safe to share how their student are feeling after vaccination


Fact Sheet for General Public and Providers -VAERS

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), is a national program managed by the CDC and the FDA to monitor the safety of all vaccines licensed in the United States. VAERS collects and reviews reports of adverse events that occur after vaccination. An “adverse event” is any health problem or “side effect” that happens after a vaccination. VAERS cannot determine if a vaccine caused an adverse event, but can determine if further investigation is needed.