Infants & Toddlers

These images are free to use. Feel free to customize and share via social media platforms, websites, patient portals, emails and other ways to reach your audiences/patients. We also encourage posting pictures from your own clinic and community.  See social media calendar if you would like to share your messages during the same period with other partners across California.   

Social Media Messages

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Sample message 1 (Spanish below)

It’s OK to see the doctor during #covid19. Clinics are taking additional safety measures to protect your child, such as separating sick and well visits. Some clinics even offer curbside appointments. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 2 (Spanish below)

It’s time to go back to the doctor! Checking your baby’s milestones and staying up to date on immunizations are an important part of your child’s health. Schedule a checkup today. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 3

Keeping your child up to date with vaccines is still possible, even if you don’t have health insurance. Find a VFC provider near you. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 4 (Spanish below)

Worried about keeping your child healthy during #COVID19? You’re not alone. Talk with your doctor about staying up to date with immunizations, lead screenings, and developmental milestones. #CallYourDoctor #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 5

Make sure your baby is ready for child care and up to date on their shots. Immunization requirements are still in place. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 6

Your medical team is taking extra steps to protect patients. Schedule your child’s checkup and any shots you may have missed. Your child’s health and safety are top priorities! #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 7

It’s been a tough year and keeping your baby safe and happy has been your top priority. Your doctor is also doing the same by taking extra precautions to make visits safe. Schedule your baby’s checkup today! #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 8

One of the easiest ways to protect your kids from preventable diseases is to vaccinate – protect your child and call your doctor to make an appointment! #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 9

It’s time! Don’t delay your child’s checkup and immunizations any longer. Shots prevent many dangerous diseases that spread in our community. #DontWaitVaccinate

Spanish Social Media Messages

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Sample message 1

Está bien consultar al médico durante la pandemia de #covid19. Las clínicas están tomando medidas de seguridad adicionales para proteger a su hijo, como separar las consultas de niños por control y por enfermedad. Algunas clínicas incluso ofrecen las citas en el borde de la acera. #NoEspereAVacunarse

Sample message 2

¡Es momento de volver al médico! Controlar los logros de su bebé y estar al día con el calendario de vacunas es una parte importante de la salud de su hijo. Programe hoy mismo una cita de control. #NoEspereAVacunarse

Sample message 4

¿Le preocupa que su hijo esté sano durante la pandemia de #COVID19? No está solo/a. Hable con su médico sobre estar al día con el calendario de vacunas, exámenes de detección de plomo y logros del desarrollo. #LlameASuPediatra #NoEspereAVacunarse

Messages to Personalize with own Pictures

Sample message 1

We’ve been staying home. I want to protect my kids when they go back to school, too. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 2

There’s one thing I can do besides worry about #COVID19: protect my child from vaccine-preventable diseases. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 3

Taking my kid in for a checkup during a pandemic got me nervous. Calling my doctor helped. #DontWaitVaccinate

Sample message 4

I heard some families got behind on shots for their kids. I’m calling the doctor to beat the rush for back-to-school vaccinations. #DontWaitVaccinate