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The California Immunization Coalition is committed to providing useful, up to date and credible resources for local Coalitions to use in addressing issues and concerns about vaccine safety in their local communities.Vaccines are the best defense we have against infectious diseases. However, no vaccine is 100% safe or effective. Differences in the way individual immune systems react to a vaccine account for the rare occasions when people are not protected following immunization or when they experience side effects. It is understandable that parents have questions and concerns regarding vaccine safety and local coalitions can provide an important educational link to the public for dissemination of accurate information to ease concerns.

As infectious diseases continue to decrease, some parents have become less concerned about the consequences of preventable illnesses like diphtheria and tetanus, and instead have become increasingly anxious about the risks associated with vaccines. Since vaccination is such a common, yet memorable event, any illness following immunization may be attributed to the vaccine. Increasing public awareness is necessary to maintain public confidence in immunization programs.

CIC would like to provide you with information, journal articles, sample talking points and other resources to assist you with responding to inquiries in your local communities.

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