Flu: Older Adults

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Lowers Defenses (Spanish available)

Did you know? Flu can lower your body’s defenses to other infections, including COVID-19. Older adults, smokers, or anyone with chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, or heart disease are especially at risk. Don’t take chances with flu – get your flu shot now.

Not Too Late For Flu Vaccine

Did you get your flu shot yet? It’s not too late! This year, catching flu and COVID-19 poses a dual threat for serious complications, especially among older adults or those with diabetes, chronic heart disease, or asthma. Getting a flu shot now could save your life! Call your doctor today to schedule your flu shot appointment, or use VaccineFinder to find a vaccine location near you. #Don’tWaitVaccinate. #Not2Late4FluVaccine

More Important Than Ever (Spanish available)

Getting a flu shot now is more important than ever to protect yourself and your loved ones. Call your doctor to get a flu shot today!
#DontWaitVaccinate #FightFlu #WhyIFightFlu

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Lowers Defenses

¿Sabía? La influenza (gripe o ‘flu’) puede reducir las defensas de su cuerpo frente a otras enfermedades, incluyendo el COVID-19. Los adultos mayores, los fumadores o cualquier persona con enfermedades crónicas como el asma, la diabetes o enfermedades del corazón corren mayor riesgo. No se arriesgue con la influenza: vacúnese contra la influenza hoy mismo. #Vacunacontrainfluenza #NoEspereAVacunarse

More Important Than Ever

La vacuna contra la influenza (gripe o ‘flu’) es más importante que nunca para protegerse a si mismo y proteger a sus seres queridos. ¡Llame a su doctor para vacunarse contra la influenza hoy mismo! #Vacunacontrainfluenza #NoEspereAVacunarse