Don't Wait Toolkit

The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health and numerous professional organizations and health plan partners strongly encourage you to take action in promoting routine vaccinations for children, adolescents and adults. In order to prevent more disease outbreaks, on top of the pandemic, we have created these campaign materials to help urge parents and adults: #DontWaitVaccinate.

Health care provider groups, individual providers, clinics large and small, and pharmacies have worked throughout the past year to make sure that families can safely return to their healthcare provider to receive vital preventive services.  We want to remind the community about the importance of returning to getting preventive services and screenings.  

CIC and partners have developed this comprehensive set of images, social media messages, templates and key points to help health care professionals, educators and advocates promote back to school and influenza vaccination.

As always, we encourage parents and adults to consult with their health care provider to determine the best timing and vaccines for their health needs.

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The campaign kit includes:

Social Media Messages & Images:

Immunization rates in California have dropped precipitously during the COVID-19 pandemic, raising alarm bells for the health and safety of our children, patients and families. This California campaign is designed to remind parents and adults#DontWaitVaccinate.

This toolkit is designed to help health care professionals, health plans, public health information officers, immunization program managers, coalitions, school administrators, advocates and partner organizations work together to support providers and urge patients to schedule and keep routine checkups and immunization visits.

Included in the toolkit you’ll find a variety of messaging to share with your networks to encourage patients to reconnect with their providers. You are encouraged to tailor these messages to meet the needs of your local community.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we will continue to update the kit with additional social media messages and tools.  Any questions, comments email us at

Strategies to Consider to remind patients and families about COVID-19 vaccination:

  1. If you haven’t already, consider enrolling in the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program, to begin administering COVID-19 vaccine in your clinic. 
  2. Promote COVID-19 vaccine availability to your patients via patient portals or other communications; some families may still be unaware children under 5 years of age are eligible to get vaccinated.
  3. Reach out to schedule in-person appointments using a Robocall Script or Letter.
  4. Implement EHR prompts to remind clinic staff when patients are due for COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.
  5. Administer COVID-19 vaccines at all visits, including well-child checks and while patients get vaccinated against flu.
  6. Use the immunization registry and/or your EHR to identify those due for COVID-19 vaccination.
  7. Schedule 2nd doses and boosters before families leave the clinic.
  8. Plan immunization catch-up clinics at convenient times for working parents, including weekends and evenings.

Additional Suggestions:

  1. Personal accounts are persuasive and memorable; share the reasons why you believe vaccinating against COVID-19 is still important.
  2. Consider modifying your clinic’s post COVID-19 vaccination observational time, as the 15-minute observational period is now optional. See CDC clinical considerations for more details.

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