2023 - 2024 Legislation

2022 Legislation Roundup:

Immunization Related Bills - 2022

Information and resources on immunization related bills introduced in 2022.  Information and resources will be added and updated as it becomes available.  Please send us any corrections or additions to info@immunizeca.org

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SB 871 – Richard Pan, MD -COVID Vaccine Mandate (schools) . CIC has taken a Support Position on SB 871 Fact Sheet. Bill Held by Author

SB 1479 – Richard Pan, MD – Requirement for School Testing Plans – Passed out of Senate – Assembly Education Committee

SB 866 – Scott Weiner – Minor Consent – SENATE BILL 866 – FACT Sheet from website (1)  CIC has taken a Support Position on SB 866 – Passed Assembly Judiciary – Amended on Assembly Floor – 3rd Reading

AB 1993 – Buffy Wicks -COVID Vaccination Mandate – Employers –Bill Held by Author

AB 1797 – Akileh Weber, MD – Immunization Registry – CIC has taken a Support Position on AB 1797 – Passed Senate Health and Education Committees – now in Senate Appropriations

AB 2098 – Evan Low -Physicians and Surgeons Unprofessional Conduct  – CIC has taken a Support Position – Senate Appropriations

AB 2516 – Cecilia Aguiar-Curry -HPV Vaccine Coverage  – CIC has taken a Support Position –  Senate Appropriations Committee

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