Working Together For Improved Immunization Rates Across the Lifespan

CIC has a direct interest in legislative and regulatory issues that address immunization issues across the lifespan.

The Coalition works to provide communication and information on these legislative and regulatory efforts. We take support or oppose positions on specific bills or regulations only when there is consensus among CIC members that the issue is of critical importance and consistent with the mission of CIC.

The California Immunization Coalition is a nonpartisan organization and does not make political endorsements. The Coalition may, however, take a position on and advocate for specific immunization-related programs, policies and legislation that the Board of Directors considers would support the mission of the Coalition. Individual Coalition members supporting or proposing legislation must obtain approval from the Board of Directors before identifying his/her affiliation with the Coalition.

To assist you or your Coalition members with learning more about advocating for improved support for immunizations in California and beyond, we recommend starting with the tools for local and national advocacy at the Vaccinate Your Family website and resources at The National Council of Nonprofits – Everyday Advocacy.

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